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Onity HT22I Encoder Used:
Onity HT22I Encoder Used:




Please note: When shipping back encoders the shipping price will increase because we are sending back 2 encoders.

Onity HT22I Encoder Used:

This Is The Encoder That Works on The HT22, HT24, HT28,CT30 Locks.

It Has 500 Room Capability.

It Has Lots Of User Friendly Options.

This Is A Stand Alone Unit

The master password will be: 6666 on all pre-programmed units. (passwords can be changed by you)

When You Purchase A Used Encoder There Are Things You Need To Know :

# 1. The Programming Will Not Match The One You Already Have Unless We Can Extract Your Property Code And Information From Your Encoder.

#2. If We Cannot Get Your Unit to Extract The Codes Then You Will Have To Take Each And Every Lock Off The Door And Erase The Lock.

#3. Then You will Have To Reinitialize The Locks With New Program.

#4. Then You Will Have To Make All New Guest Keys And Masters.

What Is Your Check Out Time?

What Are Your Room Numbers?

Do You Have Any Special Purpose Doors Or Entry Doors?  If So What Are They

30 Day Warranty

Warranty Starts From Date Of Purchase

Additional information

Weight 6.00000000 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 6 in
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