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2020 and 2021 have been exhausting, stressful, and downright difficult in many ways. As we have grown over the years, I have strived to maintain that human interaction between our Staff and our Customers. More and more that is proving extremely difficult and costly. As AccuLock faces the future, we are reminded that we must maintain Professional Services, and economically viable products.  We are faced with decisions that will reshape our company and will change the way you interact with AccuLock. I am writing to explain a few of these new changes.

First and foremost, AccuLock is grateful for your continued patronage and support. Our core principles of Quality and Professional service are still our guiding light, and we continue to strive to earn your business every day.

Unfortunately, the current conditions that affect your businesses are also affecting ours. Inflation, shipping, work force, personnel, and taxes continue to increase, forcing hard choices that have had to be made. I didn’t want to have to raise prices on everything we sell, and wanted an alternative that is fair to all, and cost effective as well. Therefore, I am informing you of some changes to our pricing structure(s), and procedures. Unfortunately, we are receiving price increase notices every day; it seems, and there is no real way to tell you exactly which products are going up.

The following is a list of changes effective January 1, 2022.

We have prided ourselves on the fact that a human answers our phones. The call volume in our office has exploded over the years. We are constantly having to place customers on hold to answer more calls, and Customer Support is suffering. I simply won’t allow AccuLock to skimp on Customer Support. As a result of our growth, we are initiating the “Electronic Phone Answering capabilities of our phone system. By using this process, we are able to ‘queue’ Tech Support calls and offer Call Back services. I truly apologize for losing the human touch and hope the added support will offset the loss.

Twelve years ago, Accu-Lock initiated the flat rate repair cost of $75.00 per guest room lock. We have held the line here for over 11 years, but effective January1, 2022, this price will increase to $85.00 per guest room lock.

MANY of our parts costs have increased in price. Metal costs have risen disproportionately higher than inflation. Some electronic components have also risen faster than the market. Rather than add a percentage cost to everything, we are only adding to the cost if that particular part has increased. If our cost did not escalate, we are not raising the price of that part. We are holding the original prices where we can!

The processing fees and rules have changed. Recently Accu-Lock was informed of changes in the Credit Card processing services. Rather than charge all of our customers an increase in costs on all items across the board, we have chosen to offer each customer the option to pay by cash, check, Money Order, or Certified Funds for the listed price with no additional fees or pay a nominal fee of 3.5% if you choose to pay by credit or debit-card.  We can accept Wire transfers without any fee as well. ALL credit cards are subject to this fee. Net 30 accounts are available, with your ‘Approved’ credit application. (Net 30 accounts require a Credit Check)


However, we may have to call you back. The phone answering system should let you leave us a message allowing us to return your call in a timely manner. ONLY ALS1 tech calls will be returned after regular business hours. Free Tech calls on any other brands shall be during office hours only. ALS1 customers will have a dedicated ‘After Hours’ support number that is accessible 24/7.

During this year, we are evaluating the effectiveness of our new procedures. Your input and response is eagerly appreciated. I want to hear how we are doing, and your suggestions for making us better.

I Thank You again, for your Patronage and Support of Accu-Lock, Inc.

Rick Segerstrom – CEO

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