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We are experiencing phone issues Again. We hope they have them fixed soon.We apologize for the inconvenience, but hope that the following numbers help you connect to our departments during this outage. You can always contact us on SKYPE as well. You can try these numbers ,   Here is a list of our CELL PHONES also and SKYPE accounts please feel free to use them:

 E.Fax – 1-800-291-4592                  Email All Payments To Our MainEmail: sales@acculock.com

Rick – 817-307-5840 – CEO. – Skype=rick@acculock.biz

Ed – 817-692-1713 – Pres. – Skype = ed@acculock.biz

Crystal – 682-459-4895 – General Sales – Skype = crystal@acculock.biz

John – 817-718-0530 – Sales & Tech Support – Skype = john@acculock.biz

Rob – 817-247-7752 – Tech Support – Skype = rob@acculock.com

Homer – 817-277-9291 – Be Tech Lock  Support & Sales – Skype = homer@acculock.com

Dan – 817-637-1236 – New Lock Sales & Camera’s Only Please Skype =dan@acculock.com

            Acculock,Inc. Working Hours Are 7:30 am To 6:00 pm Monday Thru Friday.  Sorry We Are Closed On The Weekends.



Serving the Hospitality Industry since 1991 !

AccuLock, Inc. provides Repair services, and repair parts for all brands of electronic locking systems. We have over 20 years experience in installations, and repairs of most major brands.

Our onsite repair facility offers a 24 to 48 hour turnaround on almost all repairs. We have over 10,000 square feet of warehouse space filled with parts for almost every brand of electronic locking system imaginable. Our technicians can diagnose, repair, test, and return your components in perfect working order.


We also provide custom CCTV (Surveillance Systems) to many different Industries. From Residential to Government entities, we can custom design a security and surveillance system to match your needs.

We specialize in the Hospitality and Communications industries! Our client list includes such names as: AT&T, Qwest, Nextel, GE, TU Electric, ELI, Alltel, virtually every brand of hotel and motel, Lerner Corporation, Winegardner and Hammons, Rip Griffin Industries, Intown Suites, and many many others.

We are extremely proud of our reputation, and we work hard every day to maintain and build the level of professionalism we offer our customers. If your company is looking for Professional Installation teams, or Service teams, we can respond with exactly what you need. Our crews are highly trained, competant, and we stand behind our work!
Because of our central location in Texas, we are able to respond to your requirement regardless of your location. Our installation teams travel the world doing onsite repairs and installations.

We also provide our customers with VIDEO’S for the do it yourself people, They are also can be found on YOU TUBE for additional conveniences. Please enjoy them and we hope they help!!!