Closed Circuit Television

CD14-largeOver the years, AccuLock, Inc. has always offered our customers the most innovative and cost effective camera solutions available. Today we have taken that concept one step further.

We can now offer you the convenience of being able to access your security camera system over your smart phone or Windows enabled PDA.

AccuLock offers you several camera packages allowing you to ‘Do It Yourself’ or we can have our crew(s) of highly trained, licensed, and Certified installers do it for you.

Usually a 16 camera system, with a web accessible DVR can be installed by our crews for less than 10K.  This is the ‘Cadillac’ line. We have less expensive systems, and we have even more expensive

Acculock offers all types of cameras and security systems.
PTZ  – (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)  cameras are the newest rage. You can actually focus in on any area you feel like. The freedom of being able to choose the angle, and the subject of your surveillance is a feature normally reserved for Casino’s and Police. YOU HAVE THOSE SAME CAPABILITIES in an affordable  and functional package.

WE can custom tailor a system to fit your needs!

Please check out our online CCTV catalog at

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