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How Acculock’s Video Surveillance Helps Increase ROI and Reduce Operating Risks.

In the past, a video system was provided to be utilized mostly as a practical security tool to minimize loss from burglary, theft and inventory shrinkage. With today’s ability to cost effectively utilize digital video as the foundation of a video surveillance system, video technology has been turned into an operations tool that can help businesses address productivity, logistics and workplace safety. It has also migrated into a risk management tool to help mitigate such issues as premise liability, workplace violence, drug usage and harassment. By moving into these areas, video technology has become an important way for companies to help reduce costs and reap an improved return on their investment.

How Acculock’s Video Surveillance Systems Work:

Acculock uses a variety of state of the art Video Surveillance solutions that cater to the individual needs of our clients. We sell “Stand Alone” and PC Based DVR’s for traditional applications and NVR’s (Network Video Recorders) for advanced solutions. We combine these recording devices with high resolution security cameras, premium cable and connectors to complete the video surveillance system. These systems can be monitored remotely from a PC through our software, or internet explorer application. The type of camera and DVR employed is determined by the financial, functional and individual needs of the client.

Acculock’s Systems:

The system’s that are installed at locations by Acculock are 30 frames per second, per channel for “real-time” recording. These systems are all remotely accessible via most PC’s and through most networks. The cameras that are employed are all high or super high resolution cameras with 480 TVL or higher resolution. There are a variety of lens used in these applications and those are based on the distance of the coverage area from the camera, lighting and needed detail from the image area. Most cameras employed are “vari-focal” in nature so that needed changes in coverage areas can be made without changing equipment.

Closed Circuit Television


AccuLock, Inc. is a direct Factory Importer of CCTV camera’s and DVR systems. We have the purchasing power to offer you some of the most competitive pricing available in the industry.  Check it out!

Our focus is always on Quality and Value for our customers, thats why we are constantly testing new products, and making sure they work in the manner that you expect.

Dan Brown is out National Sales Manager and is available to answer your technical questions concerning Surveillance cameras.

Please allow us the opportunity to quote your job requirement. I am sure we can save you some money, and give you the best quality possible.

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