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We offer USED locks for hotels that need to purchase a couple of spare locks, and or adding a few rooms. We do NOT recommend that you use these locks in an entire hotel. You can purchase NEW locks, with an extended warranty for about the same money as a used lock.

We offer USED locks in a variety of finishes, and a variety of styles. There are so many that you need to call our office to discuss the options before you order these locks. Our Used locks carry a 30 day warranty only.


AccuLock, Inc. does REPAIRS on all brands of electronic hotel locks. We guarantee every repair UNCONDITIONALLY !

When you send your locks to us for repairs, the MOST you will ever be charged is:
$75.00 on most locks .

This is the MOST you will pay for hotel guest room lock repair ! This price includes all used parts and labor charges.

This is it!  This is why you came to our website; to find out who is best, and who isn’t !!!

Now, before we get started, let me say that ALL of the opinions expressed throughout the AccuLock site are just that; OPINIONS! Don’t have your lawyers call me, send me letters, or in general try to influence what I say here. THIS IS MY OPINION AND NOTHING ELSE!

I have provided links to the manufacturers websites on this page. Just click on the name, and you are on their site. The manufacturers have really done some cool stuff with their sites. so Check them out… I wonder if any of them have a link to my site from theirs… NO WAY!  :)

Understand that AccuLock works and repairs all the brands listed below. We KNOW these locks, inside and out. We see the problems, and we see the factory solutions.  I think this qualifies us to make certain observations, and to do so better than a Sales Rep.

How I arrive at my ratings.

I am a Master Locksmith, operating out of the DFW metroplex. I have owned and operated several companies doing local locksmith work for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential clients. I have sold my local companies, and have concentrated on Hospitality market since 1990 when I installed my first Hotel lock. I am one of only a handful of Certified Jailsmith’s in the North Texas region. I hold certifications, or ratings from many different manufacturers, allowing me to install and service their electronic access systems.  I have installed literally TENS OF THOUSANDS of hotel locks in the past 20 years! and because of my locksmith background I look at these locks in a different way than most consumers. Therefore I have no axe to grind with any manufacturer, nor am I financially compensated by any manufacturer, and I try to give an objective rating of each lock.

With all that said, I base my criteria on several factors. First being construction and integrity of the lock, ease of installation / service on the lock, Software and its ease of use, and finally, support after the sale. SO… without further ramblings, I provide you the following list in order

Miwa – AW2 – Mag-Stripe only technology
Miwa – AL5H Dual technology lock
MIWA – Nexus – Mag-stripe lock (discontinued)
Onity (Formerly TESA) HT-24
Saflok MT
Onity / Tesa – HT-28 (Dual technology )
Saflok Passport
Kaba Ilco Solitaire 710
Kaba Ilco System 700II (discontinued)
Kaba Ilco System 760 – (Upgrade)
Vingcard 2100
Vingcard 3000 and Davinci

You have probably noticed that none of the Chinese locks are listed. (This is an oxymoron as all these locks, except the Miwa brand are manufactured in China, but that isn’t what I mean). The Chinese locks I have looked at are quite frankly weak!

There is only one Chinese lock that I have looked at that I like, even a little, and that is the BE TECH RFID lock that is currently being marketed by Appalachian Technologies in Kentucky.  It isn’t ranked cause I do not include ANY of the newest RFID locks from any of the manufacturers. AND because I do not have a sample and software to play with.

As soon as I have had an opportunity to look at the new RFID systems, I will post my opinions here.

No doubt, you may not be aware of some of these locks, and I am not including ALL I have tested. For example, The Yaletronics line is not listed because it is not offered anymore.  nor is the Schlage Intellis system.

Your brand may not be listed either, as I probably have not had any experience with your model, so I cannot make a legitimate conclusion if I don’t know the product.

If you are a lock manufacturer, and would like to give me the opportunity to rate your lock, then please send me a mounted sample and an encoding unit so I can test your lock properly.

(Only one manufacturer was gutsy enough to do this. Saflok)

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